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МИНИ АНТИСТРЕСС для Школы из Орбиз и лизуна(слайма) как сделать его дома

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Guys, I already told you how to do in the home but many I wrote in the comments that you do not know where to get mesh for stress relief Yes, and it's too big and now I'll tell you how to make a mini-stress.

You can take it anywhere even to school, even to work I love to watch an interesting experiment abuse of balls orbiz and Lizunov then I recommend to subscribe to the feed of my colleague husky show then you will find life hacks, tricks diiva and experiments with liquid nitrogen.

In excellent quality link I'll leave in the description for the mini anti-stress, we need small balloons, Lizunov and syringe.

I'm pouring the lizard into the syringe. "music".

I'll take the blue ball and put it in there. now you need to tie a knot "music" here is and all antistress ready but not quite "music" now into the yellow ball "music".

Ready, he's cool. Shh. about guys while I soaked balls of Orbis for another antistress.

And while the balls Orbis grow yellow slime climbs into the syringe and then gets into a red ball "music".

That's exactly what I did with the red lizard. "music" only it is popping up and not quite tied "music" finished well last pink slime is stuck in a green ball 'music" Shh. well, now is the time watermelons they have grown slightly and the stress they must be here in that state.

Slightly wrinkled ie not grown to the end and for this stress we need a transparent balloon.

Although it is possible to take any other transparent ball well, who know what I hit like now I'm gonna put the antistress in the ball. "music".

That's it and tie the tip ready guys it was very cool and pleasant to the touch is really a cool soothing anti-stress.

Cool calms and he is very handsome and now need to cut from long anti-stress tips.

Chick.---------- chick. and ready Shh. now you need to put the stress in the grid guys but the mesh for the normal-stress will not fit it is too big.

Although if only all anti-stress to collect and stick uh ... so still can be so here is guys safety netting for mini-antistress can be cut off from a special bag for washing shoes.

You can buy it at least in the market though in the shops it is inexpensive and antistress from it can make at least the whole family.

I cut and shove antistress. Oh cool now we need to tie the tip of the can of course the usual thread but I use this plastic straps.

"music" and cut the ends "music" I'll do the same with the others. "music" cool turned OPA he crawled out guys need not much too to cut the ends need to leave a little more mesh well however, the stress was very pleasant and soothing and it is very small and can be taken anywhere for example in school guys and some of the stress like most.

Both the slime ran off damn well, then what of the remainder, more like.

In General, of course a very handy thing brought to the Board was to Board stress zhmak zhmak zhmak no stress.

Guys what funny names have your classmates write about it in the comments.

Well that is all for today bye everyone see you tomorrow look no further

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